Material Selection

Material properties are defined by the structure determined by alloy or material composition and manufacturing specifications, and pre-service condition treatments that are performed.  Often times, the combination of the aforementioned will influence the appropriateness for one material for a particular service.  A particular environment can be aggressive to materials because of corrodents, temperature, and other factors.  Laboratory screening tests for material compatibility can be utilized when the appropriateness of material for an application is not well known or the solution to which it might be exposed to is unique.  CTL specialists can help guide selection based on their knowledge in this area combined with the provided background information.  Further, CTL can perform a gamut of laboratory tests to help solidify the theory. A few examples of simulated environment tests include immersion testing, multi-phase immersion tests, alternate immersion tests, humidity chambers, controlled velocity tests, hot wall tests and many more exposure variations. Various parameters of the test including temperature and exposure time can be varied.