After 20 years, CTL’s Jeol-JSM-35C scanning electron microscope (SEM) was retired from service.  The unit was replaced with a new, state-of-the-art SciXr Global SEM.  The acquisition of this new equipment is key in improved efficiency of the work done at CTL.  This unit can accommodate a greater variety of sample size and shape.  The SEM is frequently used in CTL investigations.  With the capability to achieve magnifications of greater than 200,000X, this high-powered microscope can help resolve fine details that cannot be accomplished with light optical microscopes.  In failure investigations, this includes characterizing fracture surface features such as striations or microvoids.  For medical devices, dimensions can be accurately measured and surfaces characterized.  In addition to imaging, the SEM is equipped with energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy (EDS) capabilities.  EDS is a technique that allows for elemental composition analysis of materials.  For example, composition of slag particles in steel can be identified.  Elemental constituents of deposits, such as chloride and sulfur, help determine the corrodents in the process environment.  For more information on SEM capabilities or other microscopy capabilities, contact CTL at 302-454-8200.