CTL upgraded its SEM capabilities with the purchase of a JEOL JSM IT200LA.  This high performance analytical tool integrates optical and SEM imaging. The embedded EDS system provides real time elemental analysis making it easier to find elements of interest, unexpected  elements, or the distribution of elements within the sample. The instrument provides backscattered imaging to show changes in composition. The Low-vacuum mode neutralizes charging enabling observation of a non-conductive specimen in its native state. The SEM is frequently used in CTL investigations. With the capability to achieve magnifications of greater than 200,000X, this high-powered microscope can help resolve fine details that cannot be accomplished with light optical microscopes.  In failure investigations, this includes characterizing fracture surface features such as striations or microvoids.  For medical devices, dimensions can be accurately measured and surfaces characterized.  Elemental analysis allows for composition analysis of materials.  For example, composition of slag particles in steel can be identified.  Elemental constituents of deposits, such as chloride and sulfur, help determine the corrodents in the process environment.  For more information on SEM capabilities or other microscopy capabilities, contact CTL at 302-454-8200.