[contentrow][alert title=”Default.” style=”default”]This is the default alert shortcode[/alert][/contentrow]

[contentrow][alert title=”Success.” style=”success”]This is a success alert box[/alert][/contentrow]

[contentrow][alert title=”Error.” style=”error”]This is an error alert box[/alert][/contentrow]

[contentrow][alert title=”Information.” style=”information”]This is the information alert box[/alert][/contentrow]

[contentrow][alert title=”Warning.” style=”warning”]This is the warning alert box[/alert][/contentrow]

[contentrow][alert title=”Grey.” style=”grey”]This is grey alert box[/alert][/contentrow]


[noshortcode][alert title=”Default.” “default”]This is the default alert shortcode[/alert][/noshortcode]

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