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[page_header font_style=”Bebas Neue” style=”style_2″ size_title=”36″ title_color=”#009dd1″ button_1=”Discover Now” button_1_link=”#” button_2=”Purchase Now” button_2_link=”#” title=”CTL Services and Capabilities” desc_page_header=”Below is a listing of the primary service categories offered by CTL. CTL performs all services to a high standard of quality, as defined by our rigorous QA system that was developed to meet the strict standards of nuclear testing.”]
[services_media title=”Petroleum Refining” type=”img” link=”#corrosion-testing” photo=”2570″]
[services_media title=”Heating Ventilation and Cooling (HVAC)” type=”img” link=”#” photo=”2597″]
[services_media title=”Fire Suppression Systems” type=”img” link=”#” photo=”2607″]Fire suppression systems[/services_media]
[services_media title=”Pulp and Paper” type=”img” link=”#” photo=”2596″]
[services_media title=”field investigation” type=”img” link=”#” photo=”2608″]We offer corresponding on-site services, including condition assessment and documentation.[/services_media]
[services_media title=”Coating Evaluation” type=”img” link=”#” photo=”2611″]We metallurgically evaluate the condition of applied coatings.[/services_media]
[services_media title=”Analytical Chemistry” type=”img” link=”#” photo=”2607″]Our analytical chemistry techniques are utilized in our corrosion testing and failure investigation services.  These techniques allow us to detected and identify corrodents in environments (process, surfaces, soil, water, etc.) as well as material degradation.  The techniques include FTIR, IC, Wet (Hach) methods, and SEM/EDS.[/services_media]
[services_media title=”Litigation Support” type=”img” link=”#” photo=”2609″]Members of our team have served as expert witnesses on a number of cases related to corrosion and failure of materials and equipment.  Our quality system has been developed to maintain the highest level of traceability for all failure investigations performed.  In addition to expert witness services, laboratory equipment, engineers, and technicians are available for on-site witnessed laboratory investigation.[/services_media]

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