About Us

About Corrosion Testing Laboratories, Inc. (CTL)

Corrosion Testing Laboratories, Inc. (CTL) is a laboratory-based business that offers comprehensive corrosion and materials evaluation services.  We perform tests, analyze samples, make measurements, and offer related consulting to provide our clients with information from which they can base key decisions for their operation.  CTL serves all industries, being that materials and corrosion are all-encompassing sciences.  Our most common clients include the chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum, metal refinery, municipal water, wastewater treatment, HVAC, and general product industries, including for new product development, nation-wide and around the world.

It is our opinion that the best support for plant operations, product development, and other material-related ventures comes from knowledge and expertise that is backed by experimental testing and data-driven results.  Our work serves to compliment the operating knowledge of our clientele to fulfill their needs.  Conventional services are offered, including testing according to ASTM, ISO, and NACE specifications.  We also specialize in innovative, unique projects, custom-developed to meet the sometimes elaborate and sophisticated projects.

Our reputation for excellence in corrosion and materials testing, analysis, and consulting has been established over the past thirty-five years.  Our principal staff members are recognized for their expertise in the fields of corrosion, metallurgy, and non-metallics materials analysis.  We proudly ensure our technical support staff maintains necessary education including certifications from NACE International as Corrosion Technicians, Technologists, and Specialists.

CTL was purchased in 2008 by Randy Nixon, who also owns and is the President of a second firm, Corrosion Probe, Inc. (CPI).   Although separate firms, the two teams often collaborate together to supplement our individual services.  With nation-wide offices, including CT, GA, MA, ME, OH, TX, and more, CPI has provided CTL extended accessibility throughout the nation while lending expertise in additional services, including cathodic protection design and troubleshooting, structural restoration, and quality assurance services.  Both firms hold at the core the same values and high standards of service. Corrosion Testing Laboratories continues to operate under the CTL name and will continue to provide all of its traditional services plus expanded biomedical testing and analytical evaluation services for metal and non-metal materials.

Quality Assurance

A rigid quality assurance program guides CTL and its personnel all of our work.  CTL has met and exceeded customer and industry requirements and expectations.  The work completed at CTL stands the test of time.  We strive to provide a service at the highest possible quality.  Find  more detail about our quality assurance program here.  Get a copy of our quality assurance manual here.