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NACE International Certified Materials Selection/Design Specialist (#4195)


Bachelor of Science -  Industrial Education

Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa - 1980


Corrosion Testing Laboratories, Inc., Newark, DE - 1990 to present 

Vice-President of Laboratory Services. Responsible for the daily operation of the laboratory. Interfaces with clients to determine testing needs and report results. Performs corrosion testing including immersion, environmental, high temperature, and electrochemical testing per NACE, ASTM and other recognized standards as well as developing custom testing protocols.

GAF Chemical Corporation, Wayne, New Jersey – 1987 to 1990

Technical Specialist. Operated R & D laboratory for the Advanced Materials Group. Applied various technologies to the development of new products and the improvement of existing products. Duties included designing, assembling and operating specialty laboratory apparatus, developing and implementing optical and electron microscopy methods, and providing support to manufacturing for implementing new processes and products.

Procedyne Corporation, New Brunswick, New Jersey – 1985 to 1987

Sr. Laboratory Technician. Operated and maintained heat treating laboratory used for R & D of fluid bed heat treating processes and processing client samples for sales department. Duties also included construction, operation, and maintenance of a CVD pilot plant.


            National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE International) – Member since 1991

·         Chairman of TEG-331X committee on Biomedical Corrosion.

American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) – Member since 2004

·         Member of Technical Committees G01 and F04



B. Krantz, “Applying ASTM G71 to Galvanic Corrosion Testing of Small Medical Implants,” Paper No. 09462, Corrosion 2009.

E. Whitney, S. Williams, B. Krantz, “Pitting resistance of Laser Clad Alloys 625, C-276, 59, and 686,” Paper No. 1105, 24th International Congress of Applications of Lasers & Electro-optics 2005.

B. Krantz, “Galvanic Effects Accelerate Crevice Corrosion of Type 316L SS Flanges Coupled to 6% Mo Alloy,” Materials Performance, June 1999, pp 72-74.

C. L. Reddy, R. A. Corbett, D. L. Long, R. E. Tatnall, B. D. Krantz, “Evaluation of Three Protective Coatings for Indoor Silver Artifacts,” Objects Specialty Group Postprints, Vol. 6, pp. 41-69 (1999).

R. A. Corbett, B. D. Krantz, “Detecting Corrosion resistance Variations in Surface Finish by Electrochemical Polarization Tests,” 1999 Proceedings of the Conference Seminars, 233-241

H. P. Hack, R. A. Corbett, B. D. Krantz, “Inhibition of Heavy Metal Ion Corrosion on Aluminum in Fresh Water Cooling Systems Using Propylene Glycol Anti-Freeze,” Paper No. 220; Corrosion 98.

R. E. Tatnall, R. A. Corbett, B. D. Krantz, S. Dexter, “Electrochemical Response to Acid Production Under a Simulated Tubercle,” Paper No. 191; Corrosion 95.

R. E. Tatnall, R. A. Corbett, B. D. Krantz, S. Dexter, “Electrochemical Studies Related to the Proposed Role of Sulfate Reducing Bacteria in Corrosion under Tubercles,” Paper No. 274; Corrosion 94.


Mr. Krantz, Vice-President of Laboratory Services at Corrosion Testing Laboratories, Inc., has been working in the fields of corrosion and materials engineering, metallography and laboratory testing for over 20 years.  His laboratory experience ranges from simple bench-top experiments to complicated process simulations.  His metallographic experience covers a wide range of materials and techniques.

Mr. Krantz received a Bachelors of Science in Industrial Education from Iowa State University.  He is a certified NACE International Materials Selection/Design Specialist.

At Corrosion Testing Laboratories, Inc., Mr. Krantz supervises the laboratory operations.  The laboratory performs a diverse range of corrosion tests to help clients solve material related problems.  He is knowledgeable in a wide range of corrosion testing practices including immersion testing, process simulations, galvanic corrosion, stress corrosion cracking, high temperature, electrochemical, atmospheric, in-situ and environmental methods.

Previously, as a Technical Specialist at GAF Chemical Company, Mr. Krantz was responsible for the metallurgy and R & D laboratory for the Organometallics Group.  His responsibilities included metallographic preparation of fine powders for SEM analysis, process simulations and product treatments for atmospheric corrosion resistance.

As a Senior Technician at Procedyne Corporation, he was involved in the development and application of various heat treatments using fluid bed technology for wear and corrosion resistance of alloy steels and stainless steels.  Mr. Krantz assembled, operated and maintained a chemical vapor deposition pilot plant for the application of titanium nitride and carbide coatings.  He performed metallography on processed materials to verify desired results.

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