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Corrosion Testing Laboratories provides testing and failure investigations in the field.  We go to the problem and evaluate the conditions surrounding the failures, as well as on-site evaluation of equipment still in use. At CTL, we provide custom aligned field testing with in-depth analysis at our modern facility.
  • Dye Pentrant Testing - determine cracks that have occurred in equipment
  • Replication - determine the microstructure integity of material in service, examples in Figures 1 & 2
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements - obtaining wall thickness of metal and equipment while still in service
  • Videoprobe - evaluation of the interior of a pipe or vessel for corrosion and cracking
  • Corrosion evaluation and sampling
  • Corrosivity of environment to electronics and other sensitive equipment
  • On-site corrosion testing of confidential material
Figure 1.  Replica taken from a boiler tube during a site visit (250X Original Magnification) Figure 2.  Replica taken from a boiler tube during a site visit (1250X Original Magnification)

Partial listing of field work that has been performed with the following Industries:

Architectural and Engineering

On-site evaluation of hotel's water system.  Determine the cause of failures and migration plan.

On-site evaluation of sprinkler system in a residential building.  Determine the cause of failures and migration plan.

Cathodic Protection
Cathodic protection analysis and leak frequency / time-to-failure prediction for a pipeline.
Field evaluation and consultation on existing cathodic protection systems for wharf pilings and parabolic cooling towers.
Design and supervision of a cathodic protection system to protect million gallon waste water aeration tank.
Cathodic protection system design and installation for three (3) chilled water condensers.
Cathodic protection system design and installation for sixteen (16) chilled water condensers.
Cathodic protection design, consultation and installation of a distributed anode system for oil and gas pipelines
Numerous cathodic protection systems (including well water pipelines, radioactive waste slurry feed pipelines, fuel oil storage tanks).
Cathodic protection system study of underground storage tanks.
Corrosion and cathodic protection evaluation a offshore oil drilling rig.
Cathodic protection distributed anode system for underground natural gas pipelines.
Cathodic Protection design and field surveys of rapid rail transit system.
Cathodic Protection design and field surveys of distributed and deep well anode systems.
Evaluation of deep well anode system.
Chemical Processing
Evaluation, ultrasonic thickness measurement, and dye penetrant testing of several hydrogen boride production reactors.
Internal evaluation of three (3) underground solvent storage tanks for signs of corrosion.
Internal and external evaluation of storage tank for stress corrosion cracking of contaminated product.
Evaluation of chloride stress corrosion cracking and pitting of feed storage tanks, hot air dryer, flue gas separators, and gas scrubber system.
Evaluation of screw extruder used in the polymer processing.  Determine its mode of failure
Ultrasound measurements of chemical processing vessel to determine the wall thickness profile.

Cement kiln stack, field evaluation of flue gas corrosion in the kiln stack and associated duct work.

On-site evaluation of electric generators and determine their cause of failures.

On site evaluation of corroded circuit boards used in a power cabinet.  Determine the source of corrodents and mechanism of failure.

On-site evaluation of the corrosivity of environment to circuit boards and other electronic components.

Waste gas carbon steel reactor scrubber, evaluation and field replication of bulged area of the scrubber shell, including field metallography to determine if overheating had affected grain structure.

Heating, Ventilating, and Air-Conditioning
On-site evaluation of fifty-year old chiller for tube end erosion and  shell cracking.
On-site evaluation of condenser tubes for erosion and corrosion of internal rifling.
Internal evaluation of an Alloy 20 sulfuric acid scrubber for gas emissions off several copper smelters.
Field evaluation of corroding pipeline carrying copper sulfate solution from a solvent extraction leaching field to the electrowinning building.
Field evaluation of 27 mile underground pipeline carrying mined phosphate rock slurry. Internals of pipeline corroding.
Radioactive waste separation tank facility, evaluation of carbon steel waste separation tanks.
Field monitoring with electrochemical measurement probes of carbon steel high level radioactive waste storage tanks.
Liquid waste treatment system evaporator,  field evaluation and evaluation of chemical cleaning of a titanium high-level radioactive liquid waste treatment evaporator.
Oil Refining
Evaluation of hydrogen reactor for stress cracks, hydrogen embrittlement and blistering, including the supervision of boat samples for laboratory metallography.
Coal slurry pumps, evaluation of duplex alloy pumps for cavitation and erosion/corrosion failure.
On-site evaluation of reactor vessel for rouging of stainless steel vessel.
Personal Products
Annual internal evaluation, including ultrasonic thickness measurements and pit depth measurements, of reactors and vacuum stripper units.
Water Cooling Tower Testing

Evaluation of cooling water towers and associated piping system of office buildings for corrosion.

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