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Corrosion Testing Laboratories, Inc. (CTL) is a complete, full service corrosion and materials evaluations facility, providing a wide variety of services to the chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum, metal refinery, and other industries nation-wide and around the world. We offer conventional testing conforming to standard specifications (such as ASTM, NACE, MTI, ISO, ASME, AWS, API, etc.) and also specialize in innovative, unique projects, custom-developed to meet the sometimes elaborate and sophisticated needs of a client.

Founded in 1984, CTL has developed a reputation for excellence in corrosion and materials testing, analysis, and consulting.  CTLís staff is comprised of specialists proficient in corrosion, materials consultation and failure analysis.  The principal staff members are recognized for their expertise in the fields of corrosion, metallurgy, and non-metals materials analysis.  The technical support staff has attained certifications from NACE International as Corrosion Technicians, Technologists, and Specialists.

Since May 2008, CTL has been associated with Corrosion Probe, Inc. (CPI).  Also founded in 1984, CPI is a specialized corrosion and materials engineering firm specializing in metallurgy, non-metals materials science, cathodic protection design and troubleshooting, structural restoration design, and quality assurance services.  With a staff of over 30 Technical Specialists, CPI serves the pulp & paper, chemical, pharmaceutical, water/wastewater, nuclear and fossil fuel power, and other industries providing condition assessment, materials selection, failure analysis, and corrosion control and rehabilitation design services.  CPI is headquartered in Centerbrook, Connecticut and has regional offices in Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Maine, Massachusetts,  Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin .  CPI has developed an international reputation for excellent technical expertise and unparalleled customer service.

Corrosion Testing Laboratories will continue to provide all of its traditional services plus expanded biomedical testing and analytical evaluation services for metal and non-metal materials.  With the combined staffs, the CPI/CTL team can offer a deeper and broader wealth of technical expertise in metallurgical and non-metals failure analysis, material selection consulting, chemical analysis, materials testing, corrosion testing, electrochemical testing, and consulting/engineering services.



Being a fully equipped corrosion, materials and assessment facility, CTL offers a multitude of services to meet the needs of extensive clientele with diverse backgrounds. The primary services include:
1 - Corrosion Testing and Laboratory Research
2 - Failure Analysis, Assessments or Investigations
  Failures due to microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC), stress corrosion cracking (SCC), formicary corrosion, oxygen corrosion, fatigue, overload, under-deposit corrosion, installation errors, fabrication errors, etc.
  Failures dealing with shafts, pumps, chillers, propellers, tubes/piping, boilers, bolts, water systems, etc.
3 - Expert Witness and Litigation Support
4 - Field Assessment
Assessments of failures in fire sprinkler systems, cooling water loops, domestic & industrial plumbing, etc.
Evaluation of refurbished units, assessing corrosion buildup on propellers, etc.
Non-Destructive Assessment - wall thickness, crack assessments, etc.
5 - Materials Consultation
6 - Metallographic Evaluation of Materials



Principal Staff
Randy Nixon - President and Senior Consultant
Bradley D. Krantz - Vice President of Laboratory Services
Supporting Staff
Fred M. Sherman - Sr. Materials Analyst
Dave L. Severance - Corrosion Technologist
Regina L. Owensby - Corrosion Technician
Karen Hessler - Metallurgist
Cristina Ponte - Metallurgical Engineer
Pete Leroy - Corrosion Technician
Barbara Deston - Corrosion Technician

We Look forward to serving your corrosion and materials engineering needs.

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